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Amo Yamie Crib is a very cute cafe and movie house that offers tempting frappe, coffee, tea, pastries and desserts in cozy and private space. Their first branch opened in Pampanga, this is their second branch opened in the metro located at U-belt.Β  It’s definitely a place for students and friends to hang out after school or during break, so expect for a non-quiet venue. I really love their cute cheesecakes in a flower pot and frappes in a jar.

They owned three rooms, the first one which where the counter is, the second room is their MOVIE ROOM (488 pesos good for 4 person, 588 pesos good for 4 person with unlimited pop corn extra person charge 50 pesos/person only and Promo for Couple is 388 pesos)Β  but you can dine-in and rent a DVD of the movie that you want to watch. And the Third room is just the same with first room with no counter area. The crews are very accommodating beside of the multitude coming in of people, for reservation of crib they will give you a number as queuing.

when i knew about this place I’d no second thought of visiting and experience its uniqueness… i found it so cool and cute that I’m sure you’ll also love…

till next food adventure πŸ™‚





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