BFF Beauty Bonding Clozette x Matrix Hair Repair Event

In this year’s National Best-friend’s Day Celebration, Clozette has partnered with Matrix Philippines for the BFF Beauty bonding. A Bonding Hair Repair Event that aims to make the crowning glory as strong, healthy, and beautiful as the unbreakable bonds we have with our BFFs. As the leading women social network in Asia delivering up to the minute trends and inspiration in fashion, beauty & lifestyle, Clozette treated selected Clozette Ambassadors, Star Clozetters,and their besties to an ultimate hair makeover featuring Matrix’s Biolage hair treatments.

I’d bring with me my blogger bestie Jamila Joyce Castillo; and together with the other Clozette Ambassadors and their BFF we’re all excited for a pampering event.


The event was held at the “Matrix Academie”, the place where the training and other events being conducted.

Matrix Educators introduced to us the “Matrix Biolage Hair Care”, it is a treatment that enriched with unique botanical extracts and designed to target specific hair needs.


Biolage hair treatments features:

  • Pelicure, which helps repair weak and fragile hair from the inside.


For my hair they applied the Fiber Strong since i have a very fine hair, it can strengthen my hair strands and be as resilient as bamboo.


  • Fill & Seal , which is perfect for those who have coloured hair to keep hair vibrant and shiny.


  • Scalp Rejuvenation , which cleanses the scalp to prevent dandruff, excess oils, and dirt that can make the strands weak and easily damaged.


After an hour of hair makeover, Me and my BFFs are ready to flaunt our gorgeous locks thanks to Clozette and Matrix Philipppines!

IMG_6810photo_2016-06-23_20-41-49photo_2016-06-23_20-41-31Clozette_BFF Beauty Bonding With Matrix Philippines_jamilajoyce_fabmav_insider1

Another highlight of the event was about ClozetteINSIDER ( ) celebrating the start of the digital magazine’s monthly thematic issue as it prepares for a design revamp (so watch out for that!). ClozetteINSIDER is Asia’s style guide to staying updated on what’s trending around the region as inspired by the Clozette Community and Asia’s thriving Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle industry. The digital magazine covers everything from new launches, fashion and beauty trends, lifestyle inspiration, and coveted fashion runway events around Asia. As June 2016 marks the digital magazine’s “Be In Constant Wanderlust” issue as inspired by travel and making new and exciting memories; this event partnership with Matrix was the perfect way to complement the theme by celebrating past adventures we’ve had with friends and adding another shared moment between our top Clozette Ambassadors, Star Clozetters, and their BFFs.


Visit your nearest Matrix salon nationwide in the Philippines and request for a Biolage hair treatment for you and your BFF today!

Stay Fab!





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