A fresh and new look this 2017

Everybody wants a fresh and brand new look this 2017, well a hair revamp will surely level up your confidence and makes you feel more beautiful in facing the new year.

Hairshaft has been very kind to me they took care of my fabulous crowning glory thrice last year, from Bolder Balayage blonde (click the link to see full storyย Dream Hair ) to simply beautiful tone-down hair.

So here’s my hair makeover done by Carl #hairshaftcarl, l i want to have a sweet and simple look for 2017 for a change and of course to feel renewed.

For this session it only took two and a half hours no bleaching and highlighting applied, just a perfect blending of colors and hair treatment to keep it shiny and damage-free, Carl is really brilliant so if you want a young and talented hairstylist please do look for this fashionable guy cause you’ll definitely love his creation.

Glimpse of happiness

Behind the scene photo shoot is my favorite session, Hairshaft usually do a before and after photo shoot then they post it ย at their social media accounts (scroll down and visit their accounts) they are really fond and dedicated of doing it, i makes me like a Shampoo Endorser that moment i have a very beautiful shiny hair, its a total hair reborn and i feel so fresh. ย  Just so you know some of their clients are celebrities and known people, ย God is really good for giving me the opportunity to work with these amazing and talented people Sir Fred, Miguel and Carl, i’m a certified Hairshaft Angel :).

With Carl #Hairshaftcarl
With Miguel #HairshaftMiguel
With the Owner and Master of All creation, Fred #Hairshaftfred

l’ll be forever grateful for having this kind of experience, truly my 2016 was full of blessings. Hope you’ll like my new look this year!

Have your transformation and achieve your #HairGoals with Hairshaft Salon!

Hair Selfie of course!

For more inquiries and setting of appointments you may Text/viber 0917-628-3906 (they will immediately assist you). And do follow them at their social media accounts for updates:

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To God be all the glory! Stay fab and beautiful!

Happy New Year loves ๐Ÿ™‚



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