IMG_5864She is one of the beautiful transformed women in the province of Bulacan, her home, where she found the first stone to step on for her dreams and desires. A place where she can be herself.

She was a precious gem for the College of AB Communication Arts of the University of the East-Caloocan for her marvellous contributions – her time, her skills, her talents and her soul – and continuously inspiring other warrior through her passion today.

Presently, she is an enthusiastic and accountable Human Resources Specialist in a Retail Telco Industry, but for other she is also their head lifter, the booster of their confidence and their friend.

She is the daughter of Noralyn and Vicente Jr., the eldest of the five siblings, the “Ate Mavie” at their loveable and blissful home. She proclaimed that Jesus Christ is her Saviour and the GOD of her days. She believed that she was fearfully and wonderfully made because GOD is her Creator.

She claimed that God gave her the privilege of inspiring other women to live the life they dream and pray for. She embraced this passion toremind women in different walks of life how precious and beautiful they are in God’s eye. She is more than a blogger; she is FABMAV a blogger with a heart.