Calaguas Adventure

I’m so ready for the sun-kissed skin! Mavie, the Mermaid has back to taste and see the hidden beauty of the Calaguas!

On the northernmost part of Bicolandia you can find a paradise that can closely beat the finest sand beach of Boracay and the crystal clear water of Palawan, the paradise of Calaguas!!!

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PORACAY RESORT “a hidden paradise”

A place surrounded by lahar-devastated town of Porac, Pampanga, Poracay Resort is fast becoming a popular destination. A Perfect place for unwinding with love-ones, out of town trip with family and friends and suitable for a team building or a retreat.

In my own personal experience with my family we really had a total fun-filled trip at Poracay, the place is full of life and color because it has a lot of eye-catching sceneries… let me share with you the beautiful spots in Poracay and some of our photos during our stay there…

(Photos of the room are not mine i wasn’t able to do it because of the excitement to explore outside, jk!)

I also included here the Price list and activities that they are offering..

Hope you may find it helpful and exciting to add on your bucket list…

to God be all the glory for all of this blessings! Stay tuned on the next blog i’ll post my OOTD during our stay here in Poracay!

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In Summer

This Summer season I’d become so in-love with striking/lively colors
and this neon-orange fringe top is just perfect for my summer escapade.
The Fringe-under can cover my tummy yet can show-off my (again ehem :) ) curves
and cute swimmies.. The color is really eye-catchy on a sunny day and
even at night because it’s actually glowing in the dark and very cool
for Beach Party at night..

For my accessories I picked the Ultimate tough watch— my RED G-SHOCK– ideal for water sports activities then worn it with my floral arm candies for a lil’ girly touch..

More Summer Outfit to be posted so stay tuned loves!

Stay Fab!




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Mermaid LIfe

“I have always loved the beach. The smell of the salty water, the wind in my face, the sand in my toes and the gentle roar of the waves that all combine to create a sense of peace and calm.”

Its Summer Forever with my F21 Top! Aside of wearing  it on a casual day, the Lace pattern and the back see-though details simply define my curves and my beautiful swimmies that i found it as a perfect wear at the beach too, then the color is very refreshing and summer looking, it complemented with the color of the ocean and the sky in between…

Apart from my thought of being a mermaid,  i’m also the Goddess of the Sea LOL! 🙂 (just dreamin’)..

TO GOD BE THE GLORY! for giving me the opportunity to witnessed God’s amazing creation and for providing me all the resources to make this happened (the Vacation, the Photo op, the Time and Budget, the Energy, Knowledge and Wisdom to Continue blogging and be a blessing to others (i hope so) 🙂

I stand in AWE of YOU  oh! GOD 🙂

Stay fab!




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